Kara L. M.  grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah minutes away from the breath taking rocky mountains.  She loves spending time in the mountains hiking or down in southern Utah boating at Lake Powell.

Kara loved writing from a young age. By high school she had taken creative writing and was the entertainment editor for her school  newspaper. By college she would choose a Mass Communications degree where she loved writing and editing her radio and TV projects.  She was also involved with filming and editing a documentary for Joe Lee that was showcased in the broadcasters hall of fame.

Kara moved to the bay area in 2012.  She was a event planner at the time and became a book worm of the YA theme. After cruising through several books a week she was inspired to write her own. What started as a hobby and creative outlet quickly changed over to a daily type fest! The first copies were read by friends who were unaware it belonged to her. Their positive feedback gave her the confidence to publish her first book Electric Fog.

Kara now has Electric Fog and Electric Surge self published on Amazon and is currently working on a third book of the Electric Series. Kara also has a new adult book she hopes to release soon!

Kara loves to rock climb, bike, visit the beach, cook and travel in her free time.

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