Latest finds

Hello everyone! How is the reading going? I recently decided to try a few of Nicholas Sparks books. I figured I enjoyed the movies so the books have to be fantastic. I first read See Me and it was seriously boring. No other words to describe it. I figured it had to be a fluke, he is a best selling author and successful movie maker! So I decided to take one last attempt by reading The Rescue. But once again I found myself so incredibly bored waiting for the story line to develop! Once the love story began I already hated how awkward the protagonist Taylor was. Not only was he fake but he continued to emotionally abuse Denise over and over again. It was honestly sickening. Maybe that is entertainment to some people but I couldn’t even deal with how irritating it was that she continued to let it happen. It was impossible to want them to work out. Maybe the movies are more entertaining because they cut out all the boring stuff and make the good stuff extra good? It’s the only thing I can think of.

But I did however have success in randomly picking up Anna and the French Kiss at my local library.

I read it in a few days and loved how it was set in Paris. After visiting there for the first time this past summer it was welcoming to read all the details of the beautiful city! Stephanie is a great writer and captures your attention right away. Anna the protagonist is a senior in high school when her Dad sends her to an American school in Paris. She doesn’t know a word of French but luckily captures the attention of Etienne St. Clair, a super attractive boy with an English accent, who helps guide her through her first few weeks of ordering food and exploring the city. The crush she forms and the backstory drama of what she left behind can get a bit annoying at times. But overall a light fun read! I am now cursing myself for never studying abroad. But it’s ok I will just have to make a visit there again soon!

As for my own writing I am taking a break until this summer! If you are interested in being a beta reader I am happy to add a few more to the list! That way you can see what is coming out. Have a wonderful weekend! Let me know what you have been reading lately!?



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