Life is a changing!

Sorry I have been the worst to update. Single in Silicon Valley took a backseat a few major life decisions. I am officially moving two states away this summer and its taken large portion of my life away from writing/editing! I will have SIS finished and uploaded to Amazon soon! I am also almost finished with Electric Overflow (third book to Electric Fog!). Lots of fun things to come.

But I did get a chance to eat up a few books over holiday break. One being Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins.


I have actually read the whole series and enjoyed it! I was excited to dip back into the first book. If you are into the angels/demons type books you will love this! I give it 5 stars!


I also stumbled upon this book on Amazon. I don’t typically read a lot of books with swearing but this story line tugged at my heart. If you have a few dollars to spare or can borrow for free as an Amazon Prime member I would recommend it at 4 stars. It wasn’t the most amazing book but I did read it in a day and a half so its captivating!

Anyways let me know what your reading? Also a quick thank you to those who have emailed me about Electric Overflow, you will be contacted again about being a Beta reader. If you are interested in beta reading please email me through the contact form!



Kara L. M.

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